Our Coffee Table Book

The COCOLILI Coffee Table Book seeks to keep the brands memory alive by narrating stories of some of the symbolic prints that have become synonymous with the brand. Furaha Bishota the brands founder says that she "... realized that as the years went by, some of our unique prints would become a distant memory, if I did not document them.  It dawned on me that if I wanted to keep the memory of COCOLILI alive, it will be important to not only document my journey, a long-term project in the making, but it would be equally important to document the prints for which we have become known". 

Furaha's wish is that this coffee table project will inspire other creatives to tell their stories no matter how small or simple.  She is a firm believer that all works of art tell a story and that each work is valuable and deserves an opportunity to be shared. As Lorna Faith aptly puts it “… when we share our story, our audience begins to be drawn to us and our art in a new way. They look at it in wonder. They begin to own it for themselves. They begin to long for the same emotions they feel when they connect with our art, to be part of their life, every day.  So keep telling your story with confidence and passion.